A “Militaristic” Checkpoint Worries Many

February 28, 2014|Posted in: Blog Posts

A “Militaristic” checkpoint worries many. But Jay has a greater concern…

The Border Patrol has a checkpoint. It’s not at the Mexican border, but rather 25 miles north of the border, on the road in and out of the little town of Arivaca, Arizona.

Citizens there are irritated because the checkpoint subjects them – as American citizens – to what they believe is unreasonable delays and harassment by their own government.

checkpointBobbie Chitwood, a resident of Arivaca for thirty-six years said, “This just impedes the movement of people. It feels very militaristic. The checkpoint feels like the beginning of something that could get worse. I don’t like being stopped by people with guns.”

None of us do, Bobbie, none of us. Beyond being a stop “without probable cause” which arguably violates the 4th Amendment, this process trains the American people to accept the kind of police state that characterized Nazi Germany and the former USSR. We are trading freedom for “safety”… and in the end we get neither.

But I have an even bigger problem. Look closely at the photo. Apparently these people, who are carrying around guns, don’t even have the ability to install a sign right-side-up. Do we really want to trust our nation’s security to people who don’t know which side is up.

This is a prime example of why we need common sense solutions for Colorado.