Another Obamacare “Gotcha”!

February 19, 2014|Posted in: Blog Posts

“You can’t have your knee looked at today,” the doctor sighed, “Obamacare won’t let us do that on the same visit as a wellness check-up.”

My wife shook her head in amazement. She had been experiencing knee problems for many years, and they were now bad enough to get something done. She hurts constantly, and can’t even walk comfortably.

The path to this appointment was grueling. First we got that dreaded “cancellation letter” from our old insurance company (yeah, the one we liked but could NOT keep). Then we had to navigate Colorado’s version of the Obamacare website portal (read here “maze”) to try to get replacement coverage.

After hiring a professional insurance expert to help us do this (he also was incredibly frustrated), we found that we paid more, for less, and with a higher deductible than we had before.

So, we finally got our regular doctor approved for that plan, and Pam made the appointment. She did need a check-up, and also knew that in the past any other “issues” could be addressed – and referred-out to other specialists – at those appointments. So, naturally, she thought she could combine it all together into one appointment.

That was until today. The doctor was apologetic. He said, “This whole Obamacare thing is not helping anybody. It’s costing more money, it’s taking more time, and it is slowing down important medical care.”

So, reluctantly, he told Pam she’d need to make another appointment, and come back just for that particular issue. So, she will miss another half-day’s work next week, just to get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon… which could have happened today before Obamacare.

I talk to every doctor I can about their experiences with Obamacare, and I have yet to hear one of them tell me that it is great. Heck, they don’t even think it’s up to the level of “acceptable”.

It’s time for some common sense in government. That begins with electing people who have that attribute, and aren’t afraid to use it.

Working together, we can do it.

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  1. Dawnita Carlson
    March 1, 2014

    I have had the honor of knowing Jay and his family for over 20 years now. I have seen his integrity in his family life, community and business. I would trust him with my life and lives of my family. He is honest, kind and sincere. Thank you Jay for the years of faithful service. I wish you well Jay.