Jay grew up in the oil fields of the American deserts where he worked at a supply store.  Then as a “roustabout” (low-level physical laborer) where he earned $3/hour and saved every dime.  He worked every summer and holiday throughout high school and college.  Jay’s family did not have a lot of money and as a result, he helped finance his college education.

Jay won life’s lottery by convincing Pamela to marry him almost 35 years ago.  Jay and Pam have four children.  Sarah is in medical school in Boston, and expects to graduate in May 2014.  Aaron is a senior at CU Boulder studying Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science.  Aaron is married, and has two young boys of his own.  Daniel is in his second year of college at NMMI and will be commissioned into the US Army as a Second Lieutenant in May.  Becky is a senior at Eaglecrest High School, and is already admitted to two universities. She’ll have to make a selection of where she wants to go pretty soon!

Jay loves to fly airplanes. He is a multi-engine Commercial Airplane Pilot, with instrument, complex aircraft, tailwheel, high altitude, and high performance ratings. He is certified to fly technologically advanced aircraft and holds a current commercial medical flight certificate. Jay has flown nearly seven hundred hours flying time in small single engine and multi-engine aircraft, but also has some more exotic flight and simulator time in the North American AT-6, Gullwing V-77 Stinson, North American T-33, F-4E, A-6, Boeing 757 and Convair multi-engine transport.

Jay enjoys spending his free time on activities that include fishing, camping, and family outings of all types. This fits in well with Jay’s love of photography, as he is an accomplished photographer. And if the family outings are near an ocean, Jay is ready to dive with his Open Water Diver (SCUBA) certification.  Jay is also an accomplished fly fisherman. Not only does he eagerly wade the ice-water streams of Colorado every summer, but he takes his time to teach someone new every summer how to fly fish.  Jay provides the gear, the new fisherman supplies the desire, and the beautiful gurgling water of Colorado trout streams provide the rest.

Jay is a caring husband, a devoted father, a commercial pilot, a businessman, and an avid outdoorsman.  Jay has rich life experiences and a love of Colorado spanning decades.  He will protect what we love most about this beautiful state.