Jay’s experience sets him apart from the rest.  Jay has literally worked from the “ground up” and knows what it takes to be successful.  Jay’s vast experience also gives him unique insight into and understanding of issues unique to Colorado and House District 37.

Jay IS experienced.

  • Tough on Crime – Jay doesn’t merely declare himself as “tough on crime”, he has proved it!  As a Deputy DA, Jay prosecuted from misdemeanors to murder.  Jay also has headed the Extraditions; Juvenile Justice; and Criminal Appeals departments.  Jay has stood before appellate courts and has argued constitutional principles.  Jay understands the plight of the victim of crime, because he has agonized with those people as they sat before him in his office.  Jay was the most successful prosecutor in the office.  Unfortunately, Jay’s successes led to some mob  “hit” contracts on his life.
  • Long Service to the Conservative Cause -  Jay began his political involvement as a Republican Precinct Leader in Jefferson County.  When Jay moved to Arapahoe County in 2009, he soon became a strong Precinct Leader here.  He moved upward, to become Area Leader, and was then selected by the Precinct Leaders to be one of our strongest District Captains. Jay has now twice been elected (by convincing margins) to the office of Arapahoe County GOP Vice Chairman.  For years, Jay has trained and equipped our District Captains to help elect conservatives. Jay meets with Ryan Call, to push for new, winning strategies.  Jay has worked in close collaboration with Andy and Cori Peth, the founders of “Party of Choice”.
  • Long Service to the Community – Jay was an Assistant Scout Master for many years, and instructed at Boy Scout camps as well.   Jay served the City of Centennial in the Parks and Open Space Committee; the Municipal Code Re-Write Advisory Committee; and the Board of Adjustment (considering whether to grant variances regarding the building codes).    But he is not all about business. It’s also about the little things that are part of his everyday life – Jay walks his dog, Sophie, and picks up trash in the neighborhood on his way. On snow days, Jay takes his snow blower through the neighborhood and plows the sidewalks, and drives of people who are less able. You might also find Jay and his wife picking up garbage in a local park because they want to keep their neighborhood looking nice. These are a few of the small things Jay does every week to make his community a better place to live.
  • Member of many Boards – Jay  has served actively on many boards including a local Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Christian Center for Performing Arts.  Jay has been the President, and now serves on the Board of the Denver Christian Legal Society.  Jay also serves on the Boards of Zola Levitt Ministries; and Aero Angel (an organization focusing on using aviation assets to get sick children to the help they need at no cost).
  • Active in Public Schools – All of Jay’s four children have attended public schools.  Jay has been a presenter in these schools.  Jay is not afraid of open praise for teachers who are excellent, nor is he afraid to confront and hold accountable ineffective teachers and administrators.   Every year Jay is a judge for the Colorado State Championships for the High School advocacy competitions.  Jay has been named as the judge who is the favorite of the students, their parents, and their coaches, because he takes the time to give them helpful instruction as part of his remarks after the rounds.
  • Teaching in Higher Education -  Jay was one of only four selected while a student in Law School to be an Assistant to the Professor of Practice Court.  Jay taught senior law students how to handle themselves in the courtroom.  For several years, Jay was an Assistant Professor of Military Law at CU Boulder.  Every year, Jay is asked to judge various competitions at Denver University College of Law, such as International Law; Client Counseling; Appellate Competition; and Courtroom Advocacy.  Jay has become the “student favorite”, because he gives them great practical help during his comments at the end of the rounds.  Many students have told Jay, “I just learned more about advocacy in fifteen minutes than I did this whole semester.”  Jay has been asked by the Advocacy Department to be a substituted Professor in that department.
  • Gun Control / 2nd Amendment – Jay certainly supports the 2nd Amendment, and he also lives it. Jay has excelled in Army combat rifle and pistol competitions, and was twice awarded the Army’s medal for combat rifle and pistol marksmanship (fewer of these have been awarded than the Medal of Honor).  Jay was the founding instructor in the Army’s Special Weapons Instructor Course. Jay has taught this course to special operations forces.  Jay served for years as a Regional Director of the International Practical Shooting Confederation.  Jay earned a spot in the US combat pistol championships, and placed in the top 100 combat pistol shooters in the nation. Jay knows how proper use of a weapon in the right hands can quickly stop a bad guy, preventing serious crime.