Jay Moderates Panel3

Jay Moderates Panel on Voter Rights and Voter Fraud

February 26, 2014|Posted in: Blog Posts

Jay moderates blue-ribbon panel on voter rights and voter fraud.

Jay Moderates PanelAs part of a joint presentation of the Colorado Bar Association Civil Rights Committee, and the American Constitution Society, a blue-ribbon panel presented a lively program on voter rights and voter fraud.

The panel consisted of (from right to left in the photo) Ms. Denise Maes (Public Policy Director for ACLU of Colorado), Ms. Amber McReynolds (Director of Elections for the City of Denver), Mr. Matt Crane (County Clerk of Arapahoe County), and Suzanne Staiert (Colorado Deputy Secretary of State).

Jay was honored to be one of the team organizing this event, and was pleased to serve as the event Moderator.

Jay Moderates Panel1The panel discussed HB 1303 (the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act of 2013), as well as HB 1164 (the 2014 revamping of the Colorado Local Governmental Election Code).

The panel offered the conference attendees a balanced presentation of the various benefits and potential pitfalls of each of these laws, and the various remedies (or in some cases the lack thereof) for identifying, remedying, or stopping voter disenfranchisement or voter fraud.