Jay Spends the Day at the Colorado Legislature

February 12, 2014|Posted in: Blog Posts

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Colorado Legislature.  My day began by being interviewed by an influential pro-family group.  I was very encouraged that my pro-family values lined-up quite well with this group’s pro-family stance.  She asked me what my first five bills might be.  I told her they would likely be “repeal bills”, but I would coordinate that with the other legislators.  She and I laughed together, as she agreed that this was probably the best answer to that question.  I had to leave early to meet with a prominent Republican Senator on the floor of the Senate.

That Senator had invited me to join him for the day.   There, I saw the second day of debates regarding SB 1164.  This bill is sponsored by Sen Ulibarri, a far-left-leaning Democrat.  Do you remember the mess that same-day registration, voting centers, all-mail ballot voting, and utility bill ID did to general elections last year?  SB 1164 does the same to municipal and special district elections.  But this bill does two further things.  First, it allows the entity to choose what law it wants to follow for any election. Secondly, it decriminalizes voter fraud.   In my opinion, it paves the way for “stealing an election” in real terms, and erases any transparency and accountability for fraud.  The debate was strong and well-reasoned on the part of Republican Senators, but went right over the heads of disinterested Dems on the other side of the aisle, who didn’t even stop their side conversations to listen politely.

While at the Senate, I had an in-depth conversation with a number of Senators on this, and other pressing issues.  The Senate leadership decided to cut-off debate on this bill (the day before there had been eight hours of debate, showing the dangerous problems with this bill) so that the Senators could adjourn to committee. Then I was invited to sit-in in committee, where I watched progress on another bill.