Jay’s “Grassroots Candidate” Status Confirmed!

March 25, 2014|Posted in: Blog Posts

Yesterday, I got irrefutable proof that I am not the “Establishment Candidate” in this race.

Many have suggested that I might have that status, since I have served in the Republican party for over 25 years as a Precinct Leader, Area Leader, District Captain, and now as Party Vice Chairman.

Those people who made such suggestions didn’t know of my efforts to reform the Republican Party from the inside – to bring it closer to its conservative roots, and to heal divisions within the conservative movement.

I got a call from the incumbent indicating that he had decided to join the party bosses and endorse one of the youngest, most inexperienced people in the race. I believe this was because that candidate was getting very little support from the delegates who will determine this Saturday who will be on the ballot. Maybe the party bosses wanted to give him a push from behind so he could finish ahead of the other candidates.

I see this as a great advantage to my run for this seat. I believe the delegates will see right through this ploy, and he will even lose some votes he otherwise might have had. I don’t think the delegates are open to being so easily manipulated. I think the Republicans of the 37th District are tired of having party bosses chose their candidates for them.

As I walk door-to-door to meet the delegates, I am happy that many come to the door and immediately recognize me. They open the door with an excited “Hi Jay!”. So far, only two delegates were undecided and remained so as I left their door. The remainder professed strong support for my candidacy. Even a delegate which had the yard sign of one of my opponents in her yard apologized for that sign, and told me that another person who lived there allowed it without her knowledge. She told me she was solidly behind me.

I am very encouraged with the conversations I am having. Now, on to the assembly on Saturday.