Jay is more than prepared to lead.


Jay is at the right place at the right time in his life to take on the responsibility of running for and winning a house seat.

  • Financially Secure – Jay has been putting his financial affairs in order for many years, getting ready to run for this seat.   Jay stands out from the crowd because he won’t need to leave a job to take this position.  Jay has refused to place his family in financial jeopardy.  Now, Jay’s finances are lined-up so that he is free to be a full-time campaigner, and a full-time servant of the people.  This gives Jay a leg up on the other candidates.
  • Empty Nest – Although Jay has and will always put his family first, this year he and Pam will have an “empty nest”. This means Jay won’t be forced to neglect his children to be a full-time campaigner, and then be a full-time servant of the people.  Jay has the time and ability to focus on the people without sacrificing his family.

Jay has been “THERE”… 

  • The State House.  Many years ago Jay started frequent  and active visits to our Representatives and Senators at the State House.  Those frequent visits have turned into a regular routine.
  • Legislative Sessions.  For the last five years Jay has been attending the legislative sessions for part of every week during the sessions.  A Republican legislator has issued a standing invitation for Jay to sit on the House floor, in a reserved seat on the side, so he can observe, and interact with the Representatives.  Jay is such a frequent visitor that the Sergeants At Arms now welcome him by name and usher him onto the House floor.  A Republican legislator gave Jay a tour of the “restricted” areas of the capital, showing him things that only the legislators get to see.   Jay now knows by first name most of the Republican legislators, and has interacted with them on the floor of the House, or in their offices.
  • Legislative Hearings.  Jay has also been attending legislative hearings, watching the process, and learning how to best get to the bottom of thorny issues.


Jay’s vast education and various fields of study make him uniquely qualified for the position.  Jay’s education has given him a unique insight into and understanding of the issues unique to Colorado and House District 37.

  • NMMI – At New Mexico Military Institute, Jay was in ROTC.  He learned the basics of day to day military life.  Jay served on the Chaplain’s Advisory Board, and founded the Flying Club.  Jay was honored to be on the Superintendant’s List, the Commandant’s List, and the Dean’s List.
  • Baylor University -  Jay majored in Geology at Baylor. Prior to his undergraduate graduation, Jay was accepted to Baylor Law School.  Jay finished his Geology courses, as well as his doctorate in law, in 27 months, and received both degrees in the same ceremony.
  • Aviation – Jay studied aviation, and was granted his Private Pilot License.   But that is not where Jay’s aviation studies end.  Jay has also been granted licenses and certifications as a Commercial Multi-Engine Airplane Pilot; Instrument Pilot; High Altitude Pilot; High Performance Aircraft Pilot; and Tailwheel Airplane Pilot (Jay earned this in a AT-6G – a WWII fighter trainer)
  • US Army -  Jay studied Military Law, and graduated from the Judge Advocate General’s School as a military lawyer.  But Jay wanted to “do what the Army does best”, and he chose to go into the Infantry.  Jay graduated from the Infantry School and accepted his first assignment, as an Executive Officer in a Special Forces A-team.  Jay continued to attend schools, such as: Airborne School; Intelligence in Counterterrorism School; Jungle Warfare School; Hazardous Materials Course; Special Forces Operations Course; and the Personnel Officer Course.  Jay has a certificate of participation in “Kaibil” (the Guatemalan Ranger and Special Forces) School.
  • Specialty Schools – Jay attended a course on  improvised explosive devices school.  Jay has been a facilitator and moderator for Church Security conferences, attended by security personnel from a number of Denver metro congregations.
  • Continuing Legal Education -   Jay has attended the Advanced Advocacy College, with a focus on product liability.  Each year Jay attends at least fifteen hours of legal specialty courses.  Jay has attended the annual Alternative Energy Conference in Austin TX for the last five years.   Jay is a lecturer in Legal Ethics.