Jay has a proven track record.  Jay stands strong for what he believes in and gets things done.

Proven … 

  • Jay’s Service had been Honored – Jay has been honored by the local American Business Women’s Association by being selected “Employer of the Year”.  Jay was honored by being named one of the “Outstanding Young Men of America”.  Jay has a number of awards and medals awarded by the military.  Jay was the battalion nominee for the Douglas McArthur Junior Officer award.  Jay was the only soldier in the team  honored with a special letter of gratitude by the Commandant of a high-level military training school in Central America.  Jay was chosen to be a platform speaker, representing soldiers, at the National Day of Prayer event in Denver.
  • Years of Campaigning –  Jay has for years worked hard for Republican candidates for President; US House, and Colorado legislature.   Jay was asked by Republican leaders to run for Coroner.  Jay agreed, and ran a spirited race.  Jay’s opponent, a 14-year incumbent Democrat, said of Jay, “One thing I can say, he really knows how to campaign.”
  • A Proven Winner – Jay’s a proven winner, taking the 37th district by 2,000 votes, at the last mid-term. More than 16,000 voters in this district have already voted once for Jay.  Jay merely has to win the district once again.   Jay continues to walk HD37, meeting his neighbors in the district.
  • An Experienced Debater – Jay has already engaged in political debates against a determined Democrat opponent.   Jay can handle himself in any debate, with anyone, including any Democrat challenger.
  • A Gifted Public Speaker -  Jay speaks to groups at least once a week.  One such gathering was filled with more than 30,000 people.  Jay has been a guest on television and radio programs discussing the issues of the day.
  • Ethics and Integrity – Jay doesn’t merely talk about integrity and ethics, he lives them.  Jay built a medium-sized law firm over a number of years.  And then Jay walked away from that firm because he couldn’t tolerate the lower ethical standards of a partner.  Jay has filed complaints against a number of Colorado attorneys who were involved in unethical behaviors.  Jay doesn’t merely have high integrity, he helps other professionals attain it as well. Jay is a member of the Colorado Bar Association Ethics Policy Committee.  A significant part of Jay’s practice is equipping and assisting Colorado attorneys to maintain the highest ethical standards.  Jay is a lecturer in ethics at seminars for attorneys.   Jay continues to testify as an expert in court on attorney ethics and honest billing practices.
  • Dedication to the Rule of Law – Jay’s time  and experience in the practice of law for 35 years has not been wasted.  He has stood for the propositions of personal responsibility, and equal justice.  Jay knows, by thousands of interactions with clients and courts, how the legislation passed in Colorado actually impacts real people in their daily lives.  Jay’s unique understanding in this area is essential to spotting issues and problems in pending bills.  Jay has stood before the trial and appellate courts of Colorado for many years, arguing the proper application of the Constitution as the foundational document which must not be ignored, nor trampled.