A Message from Jay

It seems that politicians are always anxious to talk. Not me. I am not a politician. I am anxious to LISTEN. I believe we were given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

If you are in Colorado House District 37, and vote for me as your representative, know that I will be voting for YOU. If you are not in the district, but support me in becoming a voice in the Legislature, know that I will be voting on YOUR behalf as well.

To do so, I need to hear what you have to say. Please take the time to Tweet me or post on my Facebook page. I want to hear what your issues are, and how you believe we can move forward to a better place in Colorado. Working together, we can do it

Caucus night and Some Great Feedback

Wow, what a busy day. David Holden, my campaign staff worker, responded to some last-minute calls from some Precinct Leaders who still needed more of our fliers. Then I got him some signs, and he got them out at the four High Schools on the east side of I-25 where the caucuses were going to be held.

He and I started the night at Thunder Ridge, where my old Captain District (10) had the combined caucuses. I was honored to speak to the assembled attendees, and received a lot of positive reinforcement for my campaign.

Then David and I drove to Grandview High School, and got to as many caucuses as we could, before they adjourned. I saw another candidate there, who was also circulating through the caucus rooms.

All-in-all, before the evening was over, I spoke to between 28-30 precincts.

We are way out in front of the opposition. No other candidate had any campaign signs out at all. We had at least three or four at every major caucus location. Our campaign fliers were in the hands of people in the rooms, not on tables in the hallways. Way to go David Holden!

But the best was yet to come. After making a speech, I sometimes wonder if I actually reached anyone. People were nodding and asking good questions, but the best evidence came this morning.

I was at the Arapahoe County GOP Men’s Club this morning for breakfast, and was surprised by the unsolicited report made to them by a prominent political leader in Arapahoe County.

He said, “It seemed as if all the candidates for HD 37 came to our caucus last night. But Jay Ledbetter stood head-and-shoulders above them all. Jay was the only candidate who was articulate, passionate, and engaging.” All I could do was sit there in surprise, and offer my appreciation of that feed-back.

What is better, he also reported to me after the breakfast, that one candidate, in response to a difficult question from one of the people in the room, waffled, and couldn’t seem to give a clear answer to that question. He contrasted that with my response which was to the point, and unequivocal.

It is an honor to have these words of encouragement from such a prominent leader in our community. This is a man who is not on my campaign “team”, so he has no agenda behind making such a report.

He wasn’t alone. I have had several people come up to give me positive comments. One person who had been working with the campaign of one of my opponents even came up to me last night and offered to help me. I suspect our momentum, qualifications, and preparation for this seat will soon begin to give our campaign a commanding lead.

I am encouraged with all the great feed-back I got last night and this morning from so many who heard me speak last night.

Now, on to the Assembly!

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