A Message from Jay

It seems that politicians are always anxious to talk. Not me. I am not a politician. I am anxious to LISTEN. I believe we were given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

If you are in Colorado House District 37, and vote for me as your representative, know that I will be voting for YOU. If you are not in the district, but support me in becoming a voice in the Legislature, know that I will be voting on YOUR behalf as well.

To do so, I need to hear what you have to say. Please take the time to Tweet me or post on my Facebook page. I want to hear what your issues are, and how you believe we can move forward to a better place in Colorado. Working together, we can do it

“Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

A series of long days where I knocked on doors and contacted delegates was culminated by a disappointing vote tally at the Assembly.

The vote count was almost exactly what we calculated it would be, but it seemed that more alternates got to vote than we expected. The total count of people allowed to vote was 180, and that seemed like more than the number of delegates which should be voting.

The bottom line is that I fell below the 30% required to be on the ballot. So, my campaign has come to an early end.

I want to thank all those of you who were so amazing, and who helped carry me to the “almost there” point.

I am going to close down the campaign, and step back for a week of rest. I will bind my wounds, and consider what the Almighty might want me to do next. In the mean time, please keep your heads up, and your spirits high.

Republicans should take the House this fall, and maybe even the Senate. I plan to support one of our candidates for Governor after the State Assembly later this month. Then we are on the road to victory in November.

Thanks again… and I will be seeing you soon on the campaign trail (supporting another one of our great candidates).

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The “Shoe-leather Express” Produces Results

Yesterday was another hard day of driving the precincts, and speaking with delegates. We were at it from just after nine until after seven thirty in the evening. After I got home, I took a call from another delegate who had some questions. I had spoken to his wife earlier that day, and he wanted to satisfy himself as well. After a half-hour of questions and answers, he informed me with some zeal that I had his vote as well as his wife’s vote.

The delegates are clearly doing their homework, and are taking this race seriously. They uniformly thank me for putting together the “apples to apples” chart in my last mailer. This makes it easy to compare qualifications across the lines. I am not afraid of comparisons, and in fact I insist on them.

Since the incumbent endorsed the least-qualified and youngest candidate in the field, the conversations with the delegates have been different. I expected that this endorsement would carry considerable weight… but it seems I was wrong. In fact, it seems to be backfiring.

The delegates often tell me that it is clear that this endorsement was an attempt by the “establishment” to bolster the sagging numbers for their candidate. The party bosses might be afraid that their candidate won’t be able to garner the required 30% of the vote on his own, and they need to give him a shove from behind to even get on the ballot. It has been suggested to me by a senior elected official that the party bosses are trying to rig this election so that their candidate won’t have a primary. Well, that plan doesn’t seem to be working all that well for them. The delegates know that I can’t be bought, nor bullied. There are no strings on me that can be pulled by an unseen puppeteer.

My campaign crunched the numbers at the end of our walking tonight. Of course, it could be that the delegates are not telling us the truth, or they might change their minds… but RIGHT NOW, (counting only the delegates willing to unequivocally state their commitment to a candidate), it appears that I have 30% of the vote, and the other candidates have a combined 20%. The rest of the delegates are undecided.

I will meet more delegates tomorrow, and that will be all I can do until the voting begins on Saturday.

As the true grass-roots candidate who is not controlled or financed by outside sources, I might be able to pull-off a surprise on Saturday. I will let you know!

Thank you for your support. Together we can do it.

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Jay’s “Grassroots Candidate” Status Confirmed!

Yesterday, I got irrefutable proof that I am not the “Establishment Candidate” in this race.

Many have suggested that I might have that status, since I have served in the Republican party for over 25 years as a Precinct Leader, Area Leader, District Captain, and now as Party Vice Chairman.

Those people who made such suggestions didn’t know of my efforts to reform the Republican Party from the inside – to bring it closer to its conservative roots, and to heal divisions within the conservative movement.

I got a call from the incumbent indicating that he had decided to join the party bosses and endorse one of the youngest, most inexperienced people in the race. I believe this was because that candidate was getting very little support from the delegates who will determine this Saturday who will be on the ballot. Maybe the party bosses wanted to give him a push from behind so he could finish ahead of the other candidates.

I see this as a great advantage to my run for this seat. I believe the delegates will see right through this ploy, and he will even lose some votes he otherwise might have had. I don’t think the delegates are open to being so easily manipulated. I think the Republicans of the 37th District are tired of having party bosses chose their candidates for them.

As I walk door-to-door to meet the delegates, I am happy that many come to the door and immediately recognize me. They open the door with an excited “Hi Jay!”. So far, only two delegates were undecided and remained so as I left their door. The remainder professed strong support for my candidacy. Even a delegate which had the yard sign of one of my opponents in her yard apologized for that sign, and told me that another person who lived there allowed it without her knowledge. She told me she was solidly behind me.

I am very encouraged with the conversations I am having. Now, on to the assembly on Saturday.

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Jay on the Floor of the Colorado House

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Capital, as is my usual pattern. Again, I was a guest of one of our GOP legislators on the House floor. There is a place on the side of the room where I always sit, next to the GOP representatives.

While there, I saw the effects of what happens when you have a Democrat-controlled house of government. I saw it specifically regarding the handling of HB 1227, sponsored by Rep. Ginal (D). It was entitled “Sunset Dental Examiners Board”.

The bill was designed to keep that board in existence (not a bad idea), but a last-minute amendment also added a provision to the law which allowed a dental professional to self-refer to a support program for certain misconduct. The provision allows the professional to self-refer, and if that happens, the information from that referral cannot be used to support any criminal charges.

I understood how the provision might be beneficial to health professionals, but in some ways it seems to me to be a “get out of jail free” provision that might also be subject to abuse. I can see how people who have been criminally abused by a dentist or hygenist might really be angry if all of a sudden those people are not subject to prosecution for their crimes.

From what I could see, this amendment was added by Rep. Ginal as somewhat of a surprise during the second reading.

Rep. Gerou (R) rose and pointed out that such an amendment should have been presented to the originating committee, which has the time and expertise through experts and testimony to sort-through the real effects of this change, rather sprung upon the Representatives during second reading.

Further, Rep. Gerou had some questions on precisely how this law was supposed to work. It quickly became obvious that Rep. Ginal did not understand enough of her own bill to answer those questions, and she had to leave the podium to go get some help in doing so. She finally did provide sufficient answers to the questions, and the amended bill passed.

The conversations of the Republican legislators I heard during the discussion of these bills were that when the Republicans had the majority, “We were nice to them (the Democrats)”. But now, the Democrats are not even courteous in their actions. The Democrats are shoving bills through without any consideration of the Republican views.

In my view, it appears that the Democrats have little consideration for an orderly process in legislation, and might be in a little bit of a panic. Do they see the avalanche of votes against them on the horizon. Maybe.

We desperately need common sense in the Colorado legislature. This fall, we have a chance to achieve that result – if we elect the right people.

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Jay Visits Colorado House

What just happened on the floor of the Colorado House this morning?

I was the guest of one of our well-known legislators on the floor of the Colorado House again today, during the session.

I was able, once again, to have some in-depth conversations with some of the Republican representatives on the floor. There is no substitute for “being there”, I have found. The picture is much clearer when you are watching the process unfold.

What was remarkable to me about this morning’s session was the unanimity of the Republicans on virtually all the legislation that came forward today.

There were almost never any “No” votes on any legislation, regardless of which side of the aisle carried the bill.

During all the years I have sat on the floor of the House (in the seat that a legislator has kindly reserved for me) and watched them “make sausage”, I have never seen this degree of unanimity in legislation. Last year, and the year before were completely different. There would be huge floor battles over legislation, taking hours and hours of debate. The conservative view lost (due to the lack of conservatives in the body), but only after a protracted battle.

Did the Dems just offer legislation that we could adopt without objection? Unlikely, I think. Are we Republicans just tired of fighting? Also unlikely. Even legislation carried by Republican legislators garnered near-unanimous Democrat support.

In the end of the session, I left the floor shaking my head, wondering about the meaning of what I had just seen. Did I see a “perfect storm” of bipartisanship? Have the Dems all of a sudden turned away from their “hard-ball politics”, where they ram-down leftist legislation through use of their majorities in the House and Senate? Not likely, either.

I will ponder for the coming days what I have witnessed this morning, and what it means for my beloved Colorado. I, for one, like the absence of rancor and partisanship. I sincerely hope it’s not a sign that the GOP minority has begun to lose its backbone.

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