A Message from Jay

It seems that politicians are always anxious to talk. Not me. I am not a politician. I am anxious to LISTEN. I believe we were given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

If you are in Colorado House District 37, and vote for me as your representative, know that I will be voting for YOU. If you are not in the district, but support me in becoming a voice in the Legislature, know that I will be voting on YOUR behalf as well.

To do so, I need to hear what you have to say. Please take the time to Tweet me or post on my Facebook page. I want to hear what your issues are, and how you believe we can move forward to a better place in Colorado. Working together, we can do it

Here comes the “Judge”

For the 16th year, I was privileged to be a presiding judge of the Colorado Mock Trial Championships, which were held at the Jefferson County Justice Center on Friday and Saturday.

I truly love not only judging the competitors, but also encouraging them to continue on to excellence in the business and professional world.

While there I got to renew friendships with some colleagues in the legal community (Judges, Attorneys, and a former US Representative), and we got a chance to “catch up” on our lives since last year when we volunteered together.

I had some wonderful feedback from the competitors, coaches, and parents. They liked the way I kept the courtroom dignified, but lighthearted enough to keep the competitors at ease.

One set of parents told me that their daughter competed in the State Mock Trial Championships many years ago (where I judged her), and then she had gone on to Denver University College of Law (where I had judged her in the Hoffman Cup trial competition there as well). She will be graduating this Spring. They said my encouragement in both competitions meant the world to her. Hearing reports like this makes all the difficult hours of volunteering in this valuable program all worth it.

While there, I got another pleasant surprise. Three or four people in the room came up to me and said, “I hope you win!” ¬†Apparently, they are residents of the 37th House District, and had been following the race. A couple of them are delegates, and committed to vote for me at the Assembly. I told them I appreciated their support, and committed to honor them with my best efforts to win, and also my voice in the legislature, if I am honored by being elected.

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